jane-drake,Made to Love Magic, Five Leaves Left [Remaster]
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Rolling Stone (p.180) - 4 stars out of 5 - "[T]hese casual performances suggest there was never anything casual about Drake's art: Even when he was just jotting down some idea, he couldn't help infecting it with that strange, mournful magic."Spin (p.123) - "[H]is gorgeous music was more sepulchral than whimsical."Entertainment Weekly (p.165) - "[T]he ageless, mythopoetic elegance of Drake's craft shine throughout..." - Grade: B+Uncut (p.107) - 4 stars out of 5 - "Slip the headphones on and imagine a parallel 1974 where a confident Drake is performing with a makeshift duo at the Festival Hall."Mojo (Publisher) (p.118) - 4 stars out of 5 - "MADE TO LOVE MAGIC throws significant new light on several highlights of Drake's canon."0.3317324

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Entertainment Weekly (5/12/00, p.24) - "On his ageless debut, everything - Drake's lispy voice and delicate guitar fingerpicking, arranger Robert Kirby's stately strings - feels shrouded in mist....Drake's most glorious miniatures." - Rating: AQ (11/99, p.162) - Included in Q Magazine's Best Folk Albums of All Time - "...The pinnacle of a melancholy canon of work so distinctive that admirers can only speculate miserably on what might have been."Alternative Press (3/01, p.88) - "...With a voice paradoxically feather-light and grave, [one] of the most beautiful and melancholy albums ever recorded..."Q (Magazine) (p.122) - "[T]he mesmerising beauty of such songs as 'Way To Blue' and 'Time Has Told Me' perfectly evoke a world of peaceful rumination far from all the city madness."Mojo (Publisher) (7/00, p.99) - "...Represents the first flourish of promise....God, how damn confident it all sounds. He knew how good he was..."NME (Magazine) (10/2/93, p.29) - Ranked #74 in NME's list of the 'Greatest Albums Of All Time.'0.2335051

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