jennifer-lynch,Surveillance [DVD] [2009] [Region 1], Chained [Blu-ray/DVD], Chained [DVD] [013132523293], Destination Vegas, The Best Years - The Complete First Season [4-Disc Set]
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3 stars out of 5 -- "[A] brutal mystery-thriller....Best of all is Lynch's wicked instinct for black humour, exemplified by Harper and French Stewart as a fabulously twisted pair of cops."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "[D]irector Jennifer Lynch proves she hasn't lost the surrealistic eye she exhibited in her first feature, 1993's BOXING HELENA....The fun of this picture, which at times resembles Oliver Stone's NATURAL BORN KILLERS, is the zig-zagging use of real time to create a puzzle of a mystery..."Box Office "On task are a nicely paired Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond....Unsettling and nightmarishly intoxicating."Film Comment33.709

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3 stars out of 5 -- "Rabbit's path from sins of omission to sins of commission is expertly acted, with D'Onofrio on unsettling form..."Total Film0.1980766

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"[C]hockfull of the low-key charm, smart performances and understated humor that characterize Guest's work....His regular cast of actors and a few new ones...bring their best to the table."Box Office "Truly, the level of tender, ruthless, inspired, lethally accurate study that has gone into the follicular expression of each and every character in Christopher Guest's latest hilarious cultural corrective is something inspiring to behold." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Catherine O'Hara is comic perfection....O'Hara deserves Oscar consideration in her funniest, fiercest role."Rolling Stone 4 stars out of 5 -- "[The film] fills it to the brim with a rib-bothering assemblage of asides, observations, some of the funniest fashion and personal-grooming errors you'll see this year."Total Film "[I]t's a droll dissection of Oscarmania....Catherine O'Hara and Harry Shearer are both riotous and touching..."Movieline's Hollywood Life 4 stars out of 5 -- "[The filmmakers] dispatch their slow-moving target with graceful ruthlessness....[With] the sureness of touch that comes of knowing, even quite liking, the subject of one's scorn."Uncut "With its patient, watchful camerawork and unhurried pace, the film has a discreet, low-key elegance that makes a refreshing change from the loud, fast-tempo demands of most other Hollywood comedies."Sight and Sound0.1173997

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