jim-dickinson,Evergreen Boy, Start With the Soul, Just One More: A Tribute To Larry Brown, The Man Who Lives for Love
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Down Beat (10/01, p.68) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Shows Forbert settling into a groove that suits him....[He] can evoke a time and a place with just a phrase or word...EVERGREEN is about redemption through acceptance..."No Depression (3-4/00, pp.114-115) - "...producer Jim Dickinson adds his own mix of laid-back Memphis soul and experimentation to the singer's streetwise folk music....Muted horns and a small chorus of background vocalists give many of the songs an intimate, almost R&B-tinged atmosphere..."Mojo (Publisher) (9/00, p.102) - "...The sometimes country, sometimes R&B, sometimes R&B/country composite songs are perfect vehicles for his fragile but tenacious voice..."0.448653

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Q (8/00, p.99) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...A curate's egg, indeed, but thoroughly entertaining."CMJ (6/00, p.61) - "...As greasy and tasty as good barbecue....This is the sound of a man searching for the heart of American music, and quite possibly finding it..."JazzTimes (11/00, p.120) - "...An ambitious record....[Hart] focuses exclusively on electric guitar and dredges up some nasty tones on hard-edged rock numbers..."No Depression (7-8/00, p.104) - "...Combines '70s soul, rock and jazz in the company of Big Star and Replacements producer Jim Dickinson....proving Hart can do just about anything as well as anybody..."Mojo (Publisher) (6/00, p.112) - "...a fragmented post-modernist album, often startling, always fascinating."0.3925714

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Living Blues (pp.64-65) - "Brown himself closes the album with writer Clyde Edgerton on the delightful 'Don't Let The Door.' A perfect love song if there ever was one."0.2000293

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Uncut (p.124) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "'Flood' starts like country-blues before slipping into competitive screaming. Invigorating and intense."Magnet (p.110) - "Spencer's deep-from-the-gut emoting and the Dickinson's heartfelt homage to their rural roots make these soulful barn recordings particularly viable."No Depression (p.95) - "[T]he Dickinsons distinguish themselves, dropping funky drummer beats here and dazzling guitar lead there, with some crazed-genius production touches by papa Jim."Mojo (Publisher) (p.110) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Here, Spencer returns to the loose, unpredictable but rippin' style of EXTRA WIDTH and ORANGE....[The songs] find him furiouser than he's been in years."0.3478655

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