jinpachi-nezu,Ran [Blu-ray], Nobody [DVD] [2000] [English] [Region 1]
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"...Sweeping..." -- RecommendedPremiere "...Kurosawa directs RAN with the easy grace that comes of a lifetime's experience..." Sight and Sound "...Brisk and vital, elegiac and contemplative, intimate and epic, tragic yet shot through with humor. It combines the energy of youth with the perspective of maturity..." Los Angeles Times "...The film is visually magnificent. Kurosawa refined everything he learned about battle scenes in KAGEMUSHA and the earlier samurai epics..." Chicago Sun-Times "...A deft switch on Shakespeare's King Lear....[A] stirring epic about familial deceit..." USA Today "The film] still packs a punch 19 years after its original release." Uncut "Transposing King Lear to feudal Japan, Akira Kurosawa delivers this visual feast of Shakespeare, No theater, and action epics." Entertainment Weekly Ranked #9 in Entertainment Weekly's Top Ten DVDs Of The Year -- "With his last great masterpiece, Akira Kurosawa accomplished the remarkable -- improving upon Shakespeare." Entertainment Weekly 5 stars out of 5 -- "Intimate and epic, beautiful and savage, RAN glides between astonishing action sequences and forceful drama..."Total Film44.79067

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