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"Charming, clever and well made....The directorial debut of Joachim Trier, REPRISE takes from influences as lofty as LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD and as populist as TRAINSPOTTING..."Box Office 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "REPRISE is an intelligent and occasionally profound portrait of artists as young men....There is a melancholy tone to the film and yet there also is substantial levity and playfulness..."USA Today "An exuberant, exhilaratingly playful testament to being young and hungry -- for life and meaning and immortality....REPRISE is a blast of unadulterated movie pleasure."New York Times "REPRISE is kissed with the breath of French New Wave sensibility, sweet with verve and a love of forward movement." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly "Norwegian director Joachim Trier's inspiring first feature REPRISE joyfully tackles the process of self-creation, as well as the friendships that feed and sustain it."Los Angeles Times70.88092

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3 stars out of 5 -- "Anders Danielsen Lie gives a compelling, deep-etched lead turn, and you'll find yourself drawn in as he searches for a reason to continue living."Total Film "[Told] with extraordinary delicacy and acuity....A film which repeatedly subverts expectation and deliberately foregrounds its narrative lurches and bumps..."Sight and Sound "Trier's compassion for what it takes to survive, mixed with the love he bestows on Oslo, is rewardingly profound." -- Grade: AEntertainment Weekly "The lead performance by Anders Danielsen Lie is hypnotic....It's one of the more credible screen portraits of a lost soul in some time."Film Comment "OSLO is an example of strong, confident filmmaking in which nothing is miscalculated or out of place....This portrait of existential despair is beautifully made without being self-conscious about its art."Los Angeles Times "[Trier] writes his hero into a tight corner, but finds a simultaneously graceful and uncompromising way back into the light. Neat trick, that."A.V. Club0.3142642

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