joe-maneri,Blessed [Joe Maneri], Peace Concert, Soul Search [Joe Morris (Guitar)]
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Down Beat (12/01, pp.76,79) - 3.5 stars out of 5 - "...Without a rhythm instrument the duets between reeds and strings take on a floating quality....Mat challenges the listener with stark angles and abrasive textures in contrast to Joe's effusive emotions..."t131.6046

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The Wire (p.62) - "Maneri dives ever deeper into his emerging patterns to finger increasingly rarefied inflections. He rejects big moments of structural arrival in favour of lines that spiral outwards, accumulating depth and a complexity of gesture."0.6321094

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Alternative Press (12/00, p.105) - 4 out of 5 - "...An utterly fascinating release..."The Wire (8/00, pp.47-8) - "...Maneri's electric baritone the perfect sparring partner for Morris' guitar....These guys know each other's moves like master chess players and their discourse is just as sophisticated and mature."CMJ (6/26/00, p.29) - "...Plucking, picking, bowing and using odd fingering to create muffled sounds and clicks, the 2 create sharp angular lines that intersect and diverge unexpectedly..."JazzTimes (3/01, pp.83-4) - "...There are breath-taking moments here when the 2 players find their way into a little musical world that seems utterly undiscovered, and these sublime successes seem to lift the level of the music throughout..."21.1114

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