john-wesley-harding,John Wesley Harding [Remastered] [Remaster], John Wesley Harding [Thea Gilmore], John Wesley Harding's New Deal [081227225025], Just Say Roe: Volume VII of Just Say Yes
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Rolling Stone (4/11/02, p.106) - Ranked #15 in Rolling Stone's "50 Coolest Records".Rolling Stone (3/30/00, p.68) - 5 stars out of 5 - " of Dylan's most cryptic and thematically complex albums....its songs are rife with religious imagery, both explicit and implied....a masterful move - the original Dylan unplugged."Q (Magazine) (p.111) - "[T]his spare collection of outlaw allegories and Biblical allusions is in stark contrast to the louder aesthetics prevailing elsewhere at the time..."150.8702

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Entertainment Weekly (2/16/96, p.62) - "...he has an unerring melodic sense and an ability to write bright, witty songs..." - Rating: BDirty Linen (4-5/96, p.85) - "Coming across like [Elvis] Costello without the bile, John Wesley Harding offers some nicely torturous, clever wordplay, and a sense of melody that's become more finely honed over the years..."113.719

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