jouko-ahola,Invincible [DVD] [] [2003] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1] [794043623929], Kingdom of Heaven [DVD] [Widescreen]
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"...Gripping....This eminent German director has pulled off the tricky feat of elevating a true story into a larger-than-life allegory. Embellished with magic realism and washed in voluptuous quasi-Wagnerian score..." New York Times "...Herzog is a powerful, unique visionary....The period is evoked with care and imagination, and the film glows with Peter Zeitlinger's cinematography. It has some bravura images and surreal moments typical of Herzog..." Los Angeles Times "...[Ahola] has a wonderful ironic gentleness....[Roth] just about grips the screen..."Entertainment Weekly "...A film of uncommon fascination....The movie has the power of a great silent film, unafraid of grand gestures and moral absolutes..." Chicago Sun-Times "...[Roth] is positively mesmerizing..." Box Office36.76311

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"Mr. Scott is a virtuoso of movie violence and he does not disappoint on that count here....Filled with scene after scene of choreographed mayhem."New York Times "Working from a strong script by William Monahan and making full use of that solid cast and his own impeccable skill with imagery, Scott has fashioned an impressive film that resonates with lessons..."Los Angeles Times "Scott delivers rousing entertainment layered with provocation." Rolling Stone "It's all very teeming and hordelike and impressive." Entertainment Weekly "[The film] stirs up powerful half-buried aesthetic energies simply by venturing into the chosen terrain....Best of all perhaps is Orlando Bloom's first glimpse of Jerusalem, an instant of digitized splendor that reawakens the occult dream that cinema can somehow literally transport us into the past." Film Comment "Where Scott scores is in the cinematography and set-pieces, with vast armies surging across sun-baked sand in almost Kurosawa-like ballets of light and colour." Uncut "There's a wealth of charisma among the supporting cast..." Sight and Sound36.30661

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