jrmie-rnier,Lorna's Silence, La Promesse [DVD] [Criterion Collection], Elefante Blanco, Vintner's Luck [DVD]
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"It's the closest thing to a crowd pleaser that these rigorous, demanding and profoundly humane artists are likely to make."New York Times "LORNA'S SILENCE is a gritty, deceptively low-key, no-fuss, no-frills movie of consistent originality and surprise in which suspense arises straight up from the heroine's evolving character."Los Angeles Times "[A] somber beauty of a French-language drama....Every time predictability threatens, the plot takes an unexpected turn..."Wall Street Journal "[A] closely observed, sociologically astute, and amazingly naturalistic drama about moral compromise as a by-product of economic need." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly "Breaking with the handheld subjectivity of previous films, the Dardennes keep the camera still and distant, giving the film an undercurrent of abstraction culminating in a final sequence that feels more like a fairy tale than social realism." -- Grade: B+A.V. Club 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "Renier's performance is the best thing in the movie....The gift of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne is to show their characters as trapped in personal human situations; they're not creatures of a plot."Chicago Sun-Times Included in Chicago Sun-Times's "The Best Foreign Films Of 2009" -- "[I]t's about personalities, as intensely observed as always with the Dardennes."Chicago Sun-Times40.53305

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"...Exceptional....The conflicts involved are intense and absorbing, proving that compelling moral dilemmas make for the most dramatic cinema..."Los Angeles Times "...Powerful....[The directors] tap into the interior lives of the characters with tremendous subtlety and originality..."Chicago Sun-Times "..The film moves at a constant clip....[It] thoroughly engages the imagination..."USA Today "...The film is really about labor, and keeps up a break-neck, handheld-camera pace..."Film Comment "[A] modest masterpiece about the possibility of kindness....[A] stirring spectacle of a callow child growing -- slowly -- into a moral being."Wall Street Journal40.53305

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"[Trapero is] as thoughtful and perceptive a filmmaker as ever, using tools appropriate to the goal of drawing attention to systemic social ills." -- Grade: B+A.V. Club40.53305

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