keith-jordan,Top Pop, Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2 (The New Reality) [724383429028], Red Star Sounds, Vol. 2: B-Sides [Clean] [Edited], Hand Picked: 25 Years of Bluegrass on Rounder Records
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Spin (9/95, p.112) - 7 - Flawed Yet Worthy - " flows organically....the tunes...juggle drama and beats with lightness and elan, balancing immediacy and indirection. They're hooky without being pop, jazzy without being abstract....the general level of creativity is staggering..."Down Beat (11/95, p.60) - 3.5 Stars - Good/Very Good - "...Guru is heads above other rappers integrating jazz into their music. Plus, his latest foray into jazz-rap territory continues to inform younger audiences about the old school..."Vibe (9/95, pp.163-164) - "...reeks of adulthood....instead of risking potshots from conservatives, Guru (in a bolder move) risks his rep with his hardcore fans. He flaunts King-isms to folks who pray to Malcolm....a comment on the way things are, but it is also a none-too-subtle request for a change of mind..."The Source (9/95, p.98) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...JAZZMATAZZ II proves to be a refreshing work that sends good messages about family, life and the cultures of jazz and hip-hop..."Jazziz (12/95, p.77) - "...the purest collaboration in the history of the hip hop jazz movement....solid, steady soulkick and...profound poetic presence...reminds the listener to look the truth in the face and address it, conquer it, rap about it, and make sure to remember that Guru knew it first..."NME (Magazine) (7/22/95, p.46) - 8 (out of 10) - "...outstrips the first for confidence, funkiness and good vibes. He's really onto something here....So which is the side project, Gang Starr or Jazzmatazz? Who cares? Fact is, out of one team, we've got two great acts..."0.1343482

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