kool-keith,Peeping Tom, Here to Save You All [PA], Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2 (The New Reality) [724383429028], Intonarumori, Lyricist Lounge, Vol. 1
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Rolling Stone (p.99) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "The album is full of dark, beat-driven atmospherics that alternately evoke DJ Shadow, Nine Inch Nails and Prince Paul."Q (p.115) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "Kool Keith is on pleasingly incomprehensible form on 'Getaway' and the link-up with Dan the Automator on 'Mojo' recalls his former band at their best."Alternative Press (p.206) - "From front to back, the weirdo-pop super-hits -- all composed through the mail with various collaborators -- just keep on coming."Magnet (p.101) - "PEEPING TOM keeps the energy up by whipsawing among styles and approaches....Patton sounds like he's having wicked fun..."CMJ (p.4) - "Patton sticks to the kind of catchy, nasal vocals he pioneered with his most famous band, Faith No More. This is the real thing."Kerrang (Magazine) (p.66) - Ranked #16 in Kerrang's "20 Greatest Albums of 2006" -- "A pop-centric masterpiece, littered with star turns..."0.3803373

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Rolling Stone (5/30/96, p.50) - 3 Stars - Good - "...takes rap back to the hollowed African-American tradition of capping, in which black kids stand in front yards and shoot verbal arrows into each others' asses..."The Source (5/96, p.70) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...a record with equal amounts [of] style and substance....incorporates elements of both coasts' sounds. HERE TO SAVE YOU ALL is solid, dynamic and refreshing..."Melody Maker (4/20/96, p.46) - "...pushes sonic frontiers while engaging in a one-man war on humankind....tours the darkside with a body-breaking bass on the underside..."Rap Pages (5/96, p.33) - 7 (out of 10) - "...a blend of rugged rhythms featuring dope punch lines and hooks. His rhymes run through warped rhythms, making for a nonstop head-nod....There's nothing Chino XL won't say to get his message across..."NME (Magazine) (5/11/96, p.46) - 6 (out of 10) - "...[Chino] is riveting precisely because he doesn't pull punches..."0.2808741

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Spin (9/95, p.112) - 7 - Flawed Yet Worthy - "...it flows organically....the tunes...juggle drama and beats with lightness and elan, balancing immediacy and indirection. They're hooky without being pop, jazzy without being abstract....the general level of creativity is staggering..."Down Beat (11/95, p.60) - 3.5 Stars - Good/Very Good - "...Guru is heads above other rappers integrating jazz into their music. Plus, his latest foray into jazz-rap territory continues to inform younger audiences about the old school..."Vibe (9/95, pp.163-164) - "...reeks of adulthood....instead of risking potshots from conservatives, Guru (in a bolder move) risks his rep with his hardcore fans. He flaunts King-isms to folks who pray to Malcolm....a comment on the way things are, but it is also a none-too-subtle request for a change of mind..."The Source (9/95, p.98) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...JAZZMATAZZ II proves to be a refreshing work that sends good messages about family, life and the cultures of jazz and hip-hop..."Jazziz (12/95, p.77) - "...the purest collaboration in the history of the hip hop jazz movement....solid, steady soulkick and...profound poetic presence...reminds the listener to look the truth in the face and address it, conquer it, rap about it, and make sure to remember that Guru knew it first..."NME (Magazine) (7/22/95, p.46) - 8 (out of 10) - "...outstrips the first for confidence, funkiness and good vibes. He's really onto something here....So which is the side project, Gang Starr or Jazzmatazz? Who cares? Fact is, out of one team, we've got two great acts..."0.2106556

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Alternative Press (12/99, p.105) - 3 out of 5 - "...sets its sights on the streets, as [he] devises hip-hop tracks for a variety of guest-star MCs and DJs....But prepare for an extraordinary and harrowing appearance in Killah Priest's brilliant apocalypse ode 'Temple Of The Mental'..."The Wire (11/99, p.58) - "...what is compelling about [the album] is its fluid ability...to plug into all manner of antecedents....Rather than offering a blueprint for the future, it presents a map of the present - confused and chaotic; dense, wayward and untrustworthy....a genuinely thought-provoking album..."0.2106556

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Rolling Stone (6/11/98, p.118) - 3 Stars (out of 5) - "...a double album spawned from the seven-year-old New York-based traveling venue at which unsigned artists express themselves....there's plenty of great unsigned talent here..."Vibe (5/98, p.140) - "...this compilation includes joints from both little-known heads and major-label artists....sharp metaphors and pinpoint punch lines..."The Source (6/98, p.165) - 3.5 Mics (out of 5) - "...VOL. 1 does such a good job in recreating the experience of being at the Lounge....LOUNGE moves quickly, delivering a suprising number of gems and almost no duds..."0.1755463

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