kool-keith,Peeping Tom, Here to Save You All [PA], Intonarumori, Lyricist Lounge, Vol. 1
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Rolling Stone (p.99) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "The album is full of dark, beat-driven atmospherics that alternately evoke DJ Shadow, Nine Inch Nails and Prince Paul."Q (p.115) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "Kool Keith is on pleasingly incomprehensible form on 'Getaway' and the link-up with Dan the Automator on 'Mojo' recalls his former band at their best."Alternative Press (p.206) - "From front to back, the weirdo-pop super-hits -- all composed through the mail with various collaborators -- just keep on coming."Magnet (p.101) - "PEEPING TOM keeps the energy up by whipsawing among styles and approaches....Patton sounds like he's having wicked fun..."CMJ (p.4) - "Patton sticks to the kind of catchy, nasal vocals he pioneered with his most famous band, Faith No More. This is the real thing."Kerrang (Magazine) (p.66) - Ranked #16 in Kerrang's "20 Greatest Albums of 2006" -- "A pop-centric masterpiece, littered with star turns..."0.3693767

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Rolling Stone (5/30/96, p.50) - 3 Stars - Good - "...takes rap back to the hollowed African-American tradition of capping, in which black kids stand in front yards and shoot verbal arrows into each others' asses..."The Source (5/96, p.70) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...a record with equal amounts [of] style and substance....incorporates elements of both coasts' sounds. HERE TO SAVE YOU ALL is solid, dynamic and refreshing..."Melody Maker (4/20/96, p.46) - "...pushes sonic frontiers while engaging in a one-man war on humankind....tours the darkside with a body-breaking bass on the underside..."Rap Pages (5/96, p.33) - 7 (out of 10) - "...a blend of rugged rhythms featuring dope punch lines and hooks. His rhymes run through warped rhythms, making for a nonstop head-nod....There's nothing Chino XL won't say to get his message across..."NME (Magazine) (5/11/96, p.46) - 6 (out of 10) - "...[Chino] is riveting precisely because he doesn't pull punches..."0.281771

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Alternative Press (12/99, p.105) - 3 out of 5 - "...sets its sights on the streets, as [he] devises hip-hop tracks for a variety of guest-star MCs and DJs....But prepare for an extraordinary and harrowing appearance in Killah Priest's brilliant apocalypse ode 'Temple Of The Mental'..."The Wire (11/99, p.58) - "...what is compelling about [the album] is its fluid ability...to plug into all manner of antecedents....Rather than offering a blueprint for the future, it presents a map of the present - confused and chaotic; dense, wayward and untrustworthy....a genuinely thought-provoking album..."0.2113283

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Rolling Stone (6/11/98, p.118) - 3 Stars (out of 5) - "...a double album spawned from the seven-year-old New York-based traveling venue at which unsigned artists express themselves....there's plenty of great unsigned talent here..."Vibe (5/98, p.140) - "...this compilation includes joints from both little-known heads and major-label artists....sharp metaphors and pinpoint punch lines..."The Source (6/98, p.165) - 3.5 Mics (out of 5) - "...VOL. 1 does such a good job in recreating the experience of being at the Lounge....LOUNGE moves quickly, delivering a suprising number of gems and almost no duds..."0.1761069

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