laura-elena-harring,Mulholland Dr. [Widescreen] [2002] [Multilingual], The Punisher [Blu-ray]
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"...Lynch's latest lingers in the mind and keeps you gripped in ways that have eluded some of his past cinema oddities..." USA Today "...Lynch's head is a more than tantalizing place to be..."Entertainment Weekly "...Naomi Watts shows real attack....[The film] shows signs of being a lasting work, a film that shifts and changes along with the viewer..."Sight and Sound "...Surrender to it. Lynch's wild ride through the unconscious is grounded in emotion....A dark, dazzling piece..." Rolling Stone "...Like real dreams, it does not explain....[The film] lingers over what it finds fascinating....A movie to surrender yourself to. If you require logic and closure, see something else..." Chicago Sun-Times "Watts, in two opposite roles, displays striking range." Premiere 5 stars out of 5 -- "[A]n experience that'll baffle, exhilarate and leave you in stunned silencio." Total Film 4 stars out of 5 -- "A tantalizing and beautifully shot film....Still as enigmatic and impenetratable six years on."Ultimate DVD43.64245

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"Jonathan Hensleigh's movie version of the Punisher's origins stays true to its hero by being similarly stripped-down, efficient and mean."New York Times "THE PUNISHER is that rare comic book movie that actually feels like a comic book....These battles are a cost-effective throwback. They depend on the physical side of moviemaking...and top of the line stunt work..."Los Angeles Times "[Z]ippy and amusingly cast....A film whose primary plus is a sense of humor." USA Today "[K]ick back, and wistfully remember a time when someone named Dolph could be a movie star." Entertainment Weekly "[T]he film, directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, is consistently well-acted, and has some scenes of real power."Chicago Sun-Times "[The] gloriously violent action sequences have a refreshingly downbeat '70s exploitation edge. Nasty, brain-dead fun." Uncut "[The director] takes a retro-action route with tributes to pre-CGI stuntwork. Most impressive is a frantic car-chase..." Sight and Sound43.30121

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