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Entertainment Weekly (p.95) - "[A] dark, Velvet-y set that reads adieu to a strung-out lover...with shimmering guitars and Arthur's ecstatically woozy falsetto." -- Grade: A-Uncut (p.83) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's a compendium of classic vocal styles...and they all speak of wounded emotions."Alternative Press (p.190) - "The 12 songs on this midnight-hued album are driven by hushed acoustic guitar and Arthur's weathered voice....It's the little touches that make DAYDREAM so appealing."Magnet (p.84) - "Arthur is still writing seamlessly melodic, slightly psychedelic tunes, often thickened with atmospheric reverb or distant electronics."CMJ (p.5) - "With lush instrumentals, spacey soundscapes and occasionally brooding vocals, NUCLEAR DAYDREAM is a fitting title..."No Depression (p.101) - "[With a] languorous sound and enigmatic point of view...elevated by melodies far happier than the words....Arthur mysteriously transforms pain into beauty and emptiness into belief..."0.3027428

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Rolling Stone (2/01/01, p.59) - 3.5 stars out of 5 - "...Ultra-catchy ditties that deal with some eternal pop dynamics....Her ability to wink at the microphone while generating teen pop's requisite sincerity personalises [the] factory-made hooks....If you crave teen pop's sparkle but spurn its saccharine, Vitamin C may be just what the doctor ordered."Spin (3/01, p.148) - 7 out of 10 - "...Vitamin C++...her bandwagon has become a Lexus low-rider....Groovy detail-freakism. Every space on MORE hums with blip-skipping bonus beats, phone-sex coos, and backing vocals boingin' like bungee cords..."Entertainment Weekly (1/26/01, p.102) - "...[She] certainly has the witty, danceable electro-pop thing down....[but] where she really shines through is on timeless AM-radio fluff like 'Dangerous Girl'..." - Rating: B0.2467362

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Rolling Stone (5/15/97, p.112) - 3 Stars (out of 5) - "...she's moved beyond sound to real singing....There's shading, depth and control in her vocals....she's consolidating power by proving herself on more traditional R&B terms..."Spin (6/97, p.118) - 8 (out of 10) - "..Blige still sings like she has scars that will never heal. Her tone and phrasing contain a fight-or-flight intensity that's both brazen and vulnerable....Like no diva since Aretha Franklin, Blige seems to command a song on sheer impulse and willpower..."Entertainment Weekly (5/2/97, pp.54-55) - "...having made an uneven album packed with career-peak performances, she is the only example of a hip-hop soul practitioner attempting to make a record that's more than a product placement opportunity for Lexus and Cristal..." - Rating: B+The Source (6/97, p.134) - "...a testament to the power of musical progression and personal perseverance. After years of honing the skill necessary to balance street savvy beats and cerebral songwriting, Mary J. is one artist that can say she's gone to new, higher ground..."Rap Pages (6/97, p.86) - "...Mary has allowed everyone to gaze into her eyes and become enchanted with her ghetto princess....This album shows that Mary's grown vocally....SHARE MY WORLD is an oral version of Alvin Ailey, raw and distinctly Black..."NME (Magazine) (4/19/97, p.46) - "...Imagine Lauryn Hill cured of her karaoke obsession...or L'il Kim after a spell in reform school and the globe-topping potential of SHARE MY WORLD becomes clear: Mary's is not a minority appeal....respect all around...."0.1762401

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