lobi-traor,Frikyiwa Collection, Vol. 1 [5413356740523], Mali to Memphis: An African-American Odyssey
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Spin (9/00, pp.192-3) - 8 out of 10 - "...Remixes of already sparkling Malian originals....ballooning deep house beats, warm dub washes, decontextualized verses and dangling choruses...[still] staying true to Malian music..."CMJ (7/10/00, p.26) - "...The infusion of acid jazz, dub, deep house, and breakbeat elements with ancient instrumentation and spiritual chants brings organic energies to the dancefloor."0.7552921

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CMJ (2/1/99, p.30) - "gives a tantalizing taste of Africa's influence on American music..."Dirty Linen (6-7/99, p.76) - "This album juxtaposes works from a variety of American blues artists and African musicians for an interesting 'compare and contrast' exercise....The connections are subtle, but the music is all enjoyable and nicely sequenced."0.5287044

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