m-e-castle,Honeys Dead [081227767020], The Art of Segovia
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Rolling Stone (5/14/92, p.105) - 3.5 Stars - Very Good - "...the pioneers of noise pop (3 chords and a distortion pedal) are still building castles of fuzz...J&M Chain work their terrain with indefatigable enthusiasm..."Spin (5/92, p.76) - Highly RecommendedQ (5/92, p.80) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...Snake-eyed, arrogant and tall in the saddle, HONEY'S DEAD is an album at one with dynamic, imagery and amplifiers alike...pretty damn excellent..."Option (July-Aug./92, p.109) - "...The Jesus & Mary Chain cuts loose once again with a squalor of sound...this is the roar of a shimmering locomotive, powerful, sleek, vibrant and black..."Musician (5/92, p.89) - "...the band's appeal remains the combination of sloppily loud but essentially appealing licks and naughty, unfocused (i.e. druggy) lyrics..."0.2583662

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