manoel-deoliveira,A Talking Picture, The Convent [DVD] [] [1996] [Region 1], I'm Going Home [DVD] [Region 1]
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"[A] beautiful film, and along with John Malkovich, an Oliveira favorite, at his most urbane, it features to fine advantage three of the international cinema's most elegant and enduring actresses..."Los Angeles Times38.44316

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"...This is high Oliveira country, where patience, thought and an offbeat sense of humor are amply repaid..." Variety "...THE CONVENT has a coolly attractive performance by Catherine Deneuve..." Film Comment "...THE CONVENT is a sly, beautiful enigma of a movie, a reflection upon the eternal mystery of life itself..." Los Angeles Times "...Deneuve is perfectly in sync with the film's odd ebb and flow. She transforms the surroundings with her accustomary beauty and cool resolve..." Chicago Sun-Times38.44316

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"...I'M GOING HOME gives you the steady pulse of life in a beautiful city..."New York Times "...De Oliveira, shooting in long, lingering takes, proves the most playful of sages....As original as it is unlikely: a study in grief that is flooded with happiness..."Entertainment Weekly "...[A] deeply felt story....With an emotional depth that's true to life and a streamlined narrative..."Los Angeles Times "...This character study is full of wry, observational humour about ageing..."Sight and Sound38.44316

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