marcia-gay-harden,Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, Whip It [DVD] [Canadian; French], American Dreamz [DVD] [Anamorphic Widescreen Edition], Miller's Crossing [DVD] [Widescreen] [1993] [English] [Region 1]
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4 star out of 5 -- "Barrymore grew up in the movies and clearly has learned from the best....She effortlessly brings the story to life on the screen and, in fact, shows a flair for action with the gripping Derby scenes."Box Office "What makes WHIP IT a blast is the action in the rink. What give WHIP IT heart is the pathos, pain and mettle-testing elements that accompany any serious athletic competition."Los Angeles Times 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "[I]t has guts, charm, and a black-and-blue sweetness....Ellen Page, still only 22, is the real thing."Chicago Sun-Times "At moments, especially in the conflicted intimacy between Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern as Bliss' parents, Barrymore shows real directing chops."Rolling Stone 4 stars out of 5 -- "[V]ital and fun....Shauna Cross' smart script keeps things fresh and funny."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "Ellen Page gets the follow-up role to JUNO that confirms her position as the junior leading lady with the most potential."Empire 3 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t offers insight into a world rarely depicted in movies: women's sports....There's a lot of warmth here."Uncut "[T]he real novelty is the tone, which -- thanks to Shauna Cross' charming script and Barrymore's gung-ho, effervescent direction -- is infectious."Sight and Sound46.30167

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"[A] blithe, funny and engaging movie....Weitz has made the shrewd move of staging the film on a human scale, in the homespun wackadoo spirit of a '40s screwball comedy." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "Paul Weitz's good-natured satire of pop, politics and our bloated sense of entitlement lampoons the great American disconnect from reality by locating the place where all these things intersect."Los Angeles Times "[I]ts farcical elements hit their mark....AMERICAN DREAMZ lampoons the public's appetite for mindless entertainment and easy distraction from serious concerns."USA Today "[C]ertainly topical....The comedy handles each of its targets with equal contempt." Sight and Sound0.2801306

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"...Spare, resonant and astonishingly beautiful....A jewel of a gangster film..." Rolling Stone "...MILLER'S CROSSING assumes a precision of correspondence between content and form which is all to rare in the cinema today..." Sight and Sound "...The film is a primer in screen virtuosity....Both film and actors somehow manage to seem realistic and stylized at the same time..." -- 4 out of 4 stars USA Today "...MILLER'S CROSSING is a stately and respectful genre treatise....Joel and Ethan Coen are meticulous filmmakers....It's filled with a great deal of beauty, skill, and a kind of ironic truth..." Film Comment "...[An] elegiac, stylish gangster movie....It has somber, poetic images and an especially fine musical score that braids its Irish themes together hauntingly..." Los Angeles Times "...This is the most elegant, most forceful and -- arguably -- simply the best film the Coen brothers have yet produced..." Total Film0.2241045

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