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"...Mr. Compston's untamed star power gives the movie a heart, a sweetness that makes the title heartfelt and not just cheaply ironic..." New York Times "...There's a kind of purity to Liam's self-imprisonment, as well as an unpolished power to the performances the director gets from his cast, most of them first-time actors..." Entertainment Weekly "...The story dynamics ring true, and Compston is an unpolished natural..." USA Today "...It's one of the most emotional and compelling the filmmaker has ever made. Confident, uncompromising and blisteringly realistic, SWEET SIXTEEN is a gritty and immediate film yet it goes right to the emotions..." Los Angeles Times "...It features an astonishing turn from untrained Scottish teen Martin Compston..." Total Film20.36096

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4 stars out of 5 -- "RED ROAD follows its own steely path, and newcomer Kate Dickie brings a magnetic and troubling intensity to a complex, enigmatic lead role."Uncut "[Tony Curran] lends a vital, angry warmth to this dark, slow-paced drama, in a performance that also anchors the film's surprisingly melodramatic climax."Sight and Sound 4 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t plays like a hi-tech REAR WINDOW....Dickie and Curran cut through the complexities to the film's bruised heart."Total Film "Arnold is a burgeoning auteur....An unconstrained movie that indicates her familiarity with Alan Clarke, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, and, presumably, Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW....An electrifying personal vision."Film Comment "[Kate Dickie] is a haunted, haunting presence, keeping an almost terrifying intensity hidden just beneath her drab exterior." New York Times19.75191

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"Shia LaBeouf, as the young Montiel, is galvanizing..." Premiere "[T]hough the picture is wrenching, at times devastating, it leaves you with that buoyant feeling of having encountered a raw, authentic work of art."New York Times "This gallantly imperfect indie pops with attitude." -- Grade: B+Entertainment Weekly "[I]t's Montiel's skill with the actors, particularly those he's recruited to play Dito's childhood buddies...that remains the film's overriding strength."Sight and Sound 4 stars out of 5 -- "Downey Jr and Rosario Dawson are reliably on the money..."Total Film0.1763979

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