matheus-nachtergaele,City of God [DVD] [2004] [Region 1], Mango Yellow
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"...CITY OF GOD pulses with atmosphere and vibrates with authenticity..."Entertainment Weekly "...Uncompromising in its realism....Exhilarating movie-making....It's a remarkable achievement..."Box Office "...We're exhilarated by the sheer filmmaking brio on display here. Mereilles and Lund weave all the strands of the story together with breathtaking ease..."Movieline's Hollywood Life "...CITY OF GOD conveys the authenticity of a cinema verite scrapbook..."New York Times "Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles manages a style simultaneously gritty and slick for CITY OF GOD....Even action fans averse to subtitles might do well to check this one out..."USA Today "...Meirelles is a world-class talent who illuminates every frame of this fresh, ferocious and indelibly moving film. CITY OF GOD has the scent of a classic..."Rolling Stone "CITY OF GOD is a potent and unexpected mixture of authenticity and flash..."Los Angeles Times "[A] stunning, powerful drama..."Premiere34.16563

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Page of 1