matt-servitto,Big Fan [2009] [Region 1], Rhinoceros Eyes
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3 stars out of 4 -- "Comedian Patton Oswalt triumphantly nails every comic and dramatic nuance as Paul Aufiero, a New York Giants obsessive who has long ago moved from fan to fanatic."Rolling Stone "[T]he final 15 minutes or so of BIG FAN are white-knuckle....The movie concludes with a series of tense, unpredictable scenes." -- Grade: B+A.V. Club "[A] spasmodically funny and bleak love story....One of the pleasures of this agreeably low-key and modest film is that the writer and director Robert Siegel isn't selling a message or trying to wring a grand metaphor out of his humble material..."New York Times 3.5 stars out of 5 -- Siegel finds rich characterization, meaningful emotion and the highest of human stakes in vast and neglected worlds most films dont even bother to notice...Box Office "The movie is an unblinking look at the hidden (or perhaps not so hidden) pathology of American sports mania..." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "A comedy with dark undertones....Patton Oswalt, best known as a stand-up comedian, brings a kind of brilliance to his performance."Chicago Sun-Times Included in Entertainment Weekly's "The Best Films Of The Year" -- "[T]he MVP is comedian Patton Oswalt in a powerhouse dramatic debut, inhabiting the role with nothing held back..."Entertainment Weekly0.3799719

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"Mr. Pitt, the movies' arty male ingenue of the moment, plays his character's cowering intensity for all it's worth." New York Times0.3256902

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