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"...A prime slice of raunchy fun..." Rolling Stone "...A high school sex farce that knows exactly how far to push the envelope..." New York Times "...As warm and sweet as its title....An unexpected summer date movie..." Box Office "[I]t's the best teen sex-com since ANIMAL HOUSE, serving up one outrageous set-piece after another..." Total Film29.75391

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"[T]he recipe has been updated, and what once seemed like fatally warmed-over PIE tastes new again." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly "Scott is a hoot....The real kick is seeing the old gang back and ready to party."Rolling Stone 3 stars out of 4 -- "AMERICAN REUNION has a sense of deja vu, but it still delivers a lot of nice laughs..."Chicago Sun-Times "Seann William Scott, Jennifer Coolidge, Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy can all sell a joke. John Cho's almost sarcastic performance, meanwhile, gives the film a welcome spritz of self-awareness."Sight and Sound0.4863179

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"Many of the best moments go to a perma-tanned Kevin Bacon, in a bizarre but funny turn as Jorge..." Sight and Sound "BEAUTY SHOP extends the popular BARBERSHOP franchise to Atlanta and provides a sassy feminine counterpart to its cozy men's-club vibe....Anchored in Queen Latifah's charisma..."New York Times "With a zingy script and a diverting ensemble cast, director Bille Woodruff turns BEAUTY SHOP into a highly entertaining and at times thoughtful treat."Los Angeles Times "Jorge is played with perfect comic timing by Kevin Bacon..."USA Today "Queen Latifah exudes a quiet confidence that sort of hugs the movie, making it feel warmer than the BARBERSHOP films..."Chicago Sun-Times "[A] high-spirited, sometimes witty farce with a splash of follow-your-dreams romance." Uncut0.3039487

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"...Consistently provocative and devilishly amusing....AMERICAN BEAUTY is a real American original..." Variety Ranked #1 in Rolling Stone's "Ten Best Movies of 1999" -- "...[A] justly celebrated look at what gets lost in life when we numb ourselves to feeling..." Rolling Stone "...Sees beauty in our most common mistakes and failures. This is a masterpiece..." -- 5 out of 5 stars Premiere "...AMERICAN BEAUTY is that rare instance where all the elements of a movie -- story, setting, acting, shot construction -- come together to convey its message..." Box Office "...Spacey gives sardonic snap to every line he delivers....The movie is a beaut. It's as feeling as it is funny, a quality recent movies seemed to have lost..."USA Today "...Unsettling, unnerving, undefinable....BEAUTY is a blood-chilling dark comedy with unexpected moments of both fury and warmth, a strange, brooding and very accomplished film that sets us back on our heels from its opening frames..." Los Angeles Times "...Spacey, an actor who embodies intelligence in his eyes and voice, is the right choice for Lester Burnham..." Chicago Sun-Times0.3039487

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 Page of 1