michael-panes,Fabled, Surviving Eden, The Love Guide, Watching The Detectives [2008] [English] [Region 1], Last Days [DVD] [Region 1]
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"[A] mesmerizing dream of a film....One of this year's indisputably great films."New York Times "[U]ndeniably hypnotic..."Rolling Stone "LAST DAYS is a subversive piece of filmmaking....It'll stick in your head for a long while to come. Which is the point."Uncut "In LAST DAYS, the writer-director Gus Van Sant draws us into the illusion that we're seeing the druggy, blithering, zoned-out final days of a rock star very much like -- no, exactly like -- Kurt Cobain."Entertainment Weekly "Pitt bears a spooky resemblance to Cobain and captures some of his intense originality in demeanor....[The film] has a hypnotic quality."USA Today Ranked #6 in Uncut's Best Films Of 2005 -- "A bleak but brilliant study of the isolating nature of fame."Uncut "[C]inematographer Harris Savides is behind the camera, finding beautiful still-life tableaux in Blake's crumbling mansion."Sight and Sound "Occasionally sublime in its vivid long-take hypnotics and sonic soundscapes."Premiere3.75293

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