nels-cline-singers,Instrumentals [Nels Cline Singers] [CD] [1 disc], The Giant Pin [Digipak], Assemblage 1998-2008 ( PLUS DVD) [Slipcase]
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Alternative Press (5/02, pp.80,82) - 8 out of 10 - "...Gritty urban blues, thrash and edgy experimentation are Cline's forte, but he has enormous technique, a wide range of musical taste and a way of putting [his] stamp onto whatever [he] does..."The Wire (p.60) - "Think of the group as a technologically enhanced version of the power trio at its most virtuosic....They've happily traded a measure of jazz finesse for the sheer, ecstatic, cranky noise of rock."Down Beat (June 2002, p.72) - 3.5 out of 5 stars - "...Starts with a nasty bite, [but] by the end, it's all country grace and good manners..."JazzTimes (7-8/02, pp.92,94) - "...There's certainly a lot to admire about what Cline is doing....using feedback, dissonance and manipulation of tuning with taste and sophistication..."131.5871

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The Wire (p.60) - "[W]ith strong compositions....It's the crunchy hard-hitters such as 'Fly Fly' and 'Square King' that impress most of all and make you want to jab the repeat button."Down Beat (p.76) - 4 stars out of 5 - "That The Nels Cline singers can move between the outlandish and the soft-spoken indicates a well-grounded sense of communication between the band members."JazzTimes (p.79) - "Cline's music is left of dial, a challenge. But its dynamics, rhythmic intensity and frequently searing melodicism are a joy."0.7007092

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