nu-tradition,Nu Tradition, Ty Tunes 2009, Uptown [Wayne Escoffery/Noah Baerman], Philadelphia Pop: Rockin' and Croonin' on Bandstand (1957-1959), Frizzle Fry [Remaster]
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JazzTimes (p.54) - "[Including] a winsome splash through Ellington's 'I Got It Bad,' with Escoffery alternately exuding funk and Sonny Rollins in his swaggering."6.332804

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Alternative Press (7/02, p.98) - "...These reissues benefit from keen remastering, making it even more obvious that primus' crunch has influenced legions of nu-metal soldiers..."0.3602042

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Rolling Stone (2/6/03, p.62) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...Shipp delivers a mellow concoction of atmospheric textures, electronic samples and funk-lite beats..."Spin (3/03, p.192) - 3 1/2 out of 5 - "...EQUILIBRIUM is a clear statement of its own that truly hits stride midway....Shipp holds jazz tradition in high regard, even as he shatters it..."The Wire (4/03, p.61) - "...EQUILIBRIUM finds Shipp's music preserving its integrity while engaged in fascinating changes of state. It's surely his finest recorded hour to date..."0.2341275

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Dirty Linen (6-7/99, p.58) - "...a generous feast of 20 tracks of furious, charismatic, and inventive music....Csokolom are steeped in the Eastern European village music tradition, they are not afraid to tip in a bit of jazz or other influences from beyond their borders....coherent and enchanting..."0.2208726

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