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Rolling Stone (4/18/91) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "..Listen to `The Slide Guitar' and its obvious Blind Willie Johnson was an original: Not only is his ghostly, quivering vibrato nothing like the more liquid tone preferred by Robert Johnson or Tampa Red, but he also seemed to be after an entirely different effect. Rather than use the slide to energize the moves across the basic rhythm like the Holy Spirit over the world."Down Beat (2/91) - 4.5 Stars - Very Good Plus - " excursion across one of the blues' most emotionally charged and haunting landscapes."Record Collector (magazine) (p.103) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]here are plenty of treats from Bukka White and Barbecue Bob, among others, all pushing the technique in different, sometimes surprising, directions."0.1459938

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Rolling Stone (12/29/94-1/12/95, p.185) - "...For jean genies who cream over Bowie's ALADDIN SANE, it's very nearly the Second Coming....Rushing, with splendid haircuts, to the apocalypse, these brass-knuckled poseurs pause even so to mourn for Jimmy off Byron...and evoke Marilyn..."Spin (12/94, p.78) - Ranked #9 in Spin's `20 Best Albums Of '94' - "...operatic ballads gushing tragic vulnerability David Bowie was too cynical to pull off, and anthems that ooze `Sign O' The Times' consequence..."Spin (12/94, p.103) - Highly Recommended - "...moments where it clangs and thumps much like a rock band...but it's at its finest when most flamboyant....The glam wonderland on which Suede was weaned is still evident, but...capable of far surpassing its perceived limitations..."Entertainment Weekly (11/4/94, p.77) - "...When Brett Anderson snivels in his glam falsetto--and his band's guitars somersault into luscious swirls-- these U.K. fashion types are able to pull off their spoiled-teenager pose..." - Rating: BQ (11/94, p.123) - 5 Stars - Indispensable - "...With DOG MAN STAR, the group has vindicated just about every claim that was ever made on their behalf...It will be hailed in years to come as the crowning achievement of a line-up that reinvented English, guitar-band rock..."Alternative Press (1/95, pp.61-63) - "...Suede remain the most challenging thing on the pop scene right now..."Musician (4/95, p.78) - "...there's no other band around today that work so hard at playing the sensitive foppish dandy, even down to the rubbery Mick Ronson...riffs of guitarist Bernard Butler....Suede suddenly appear to have true staying power, a la Bowie himself..."Mojo (Publisher) (1/95, p.51) - Included in Mojo's "25 Best Albums of 1994".NME (Magazine) (12/24/94, p.22) - Ranked #8 in NME's list of the `Top 50 Albums Of 1994.'NME (Magazine) (10/01/94, p.47) - 9 - Excellent Plus - "...Suede have brilliantly sent up modern life as an endless comic opera, a seaside postcard dipped in cheap lager and Coca-Cola..."0.1237049

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