peter-mullan,Session 9 [DVD] [2002] [English] [Region 1], On A Clear Day [DVD] [2006] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Wheels of the World, Vol. 1
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"...Startling and genuinely terrifying....SESSION 9 is a filmic experience that's impossible to brush off..." Box Office "...[The] sound design turns the psychological screws, and the score by band Climax Golden Twins creates its own atonal mental soundscapes..." Variety "...SESSION 9 is a marvel of vrit-nightmare atmosphere..." Entertainment Weekly "...The old hospital is a wonderfully photogenic place, full of picturesque rubble and odd spaces....The dialogue has an authentic working-class snap, and the performances are impeccable..." New York Times "...An ingeniously scary movie....SESSION 9 is so effective that its sense of uncertainty lingers long after the theater lights have gone up..." Los Angeles Times "...[An] accomplished chiller....This remains an original take on the haunted-house movie..." Sight and Sound26.8129

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"Mr. Mullan and his director, Gaby Dellal, balance the sentimentality with a healthy dose of working-class vulnerability." New York Times "Dellal and cinematographer David Johnson paint an inviting picture of Glasgow..."Los Angeles Times "ON A CLEAR DAY is a heart-warming film with good performances and an uplifting theme in the vein of WAKING NED DEVINE..."USA Today26.56249

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