peter-sarsgaard,Jarhead [DVD] [Widescreen], Year of the Dog [DVD] [Widescreen; Sensormatic], Empire [DVD] [2003] [1 disc] [English] [Region 1], American Me/Empire, Kinsey [DVD Boxset] [Special Edition]
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3 stars out of 5 -- "[B]lunt and intimate....The jolt of JARHEAD is undeniable, and it comes when you least expect it." Rolling Stone "[A]n eye-opening experience....[Mendes] forges, perhaps, a new kind of drama: a portrait of war stripped of all glamour and design....JARHEAD is an existential docudrama: cool and funny, vivid and remote at the same time." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "The result is rewarding....It's good to see Mendes expanding as a filmmaker."USA Today "[Q]uizzical, visually striking....JARHEAD provides some kind of reportage of a war whose consequences we haven't yet begun to understand..." Sight and Sound "[A]n exceptionally smart war movie, the more so for the relative absence of any war." Uncut 3 stars out of 5 -- "It's an image of war that lingers, a vision of Hell which Dante would recognise..." Total Film25.56259

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"It's funny ha-ha but firmly in touch with its downer side, which means it's also funny in a kind of existential way."New York Times "The amazing, translucent Shannon is fearless in exposing Peggy's naked sadness." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly "[A] charming film that is neither saccharin nor sanctimonious."Box Office 4 stars out of 5 -- "White invites us to chuckle at his protagonist's perversities before slowly winning us round to her warped point of view...The writer-director's real talent is in showing that we're all freaks and geeks in one way or another..."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "As a character study, it's compelling, and there are fantastic supporting turns from John C. Reilly and an excellent Laura Dern..."Empire "[A] bright palette and tinkling music add to the absurdist tone....Sharp dialogue and some spot-on performances keep the irony subtle enough to work.."Sight and Sound25.52239

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"...Compelling....Leguizamo owns EMPIRE, the first film to capture the live-wire crackle of his one-man stage shows....He holds the screen with a simmering self-assurance..." Entertainment Weekly "...Engrossing and utterly uncompromising....[Leguizamo] gives one of the best performances of the year..."Los Angeles Times "...Centered by an on-form Leguizamo..." Total Film22.39239

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"The director addresses sexuality with candor and wit, but it is the act of research as much as its object that imparts to KINSEY its flush of passion and its rush of romance."New York Times "Keen craftsmanship gets the film out of the gate in a zip....It's one of the year's better movies. Linney is a match for Neeson..."USA Today "Intelligently written and directed with a pleasing frankness....A notable life and a significant film."Los Angeles Times "Liam Neeson essays a brave and often endearing portrait of Kinsey..." Premiere "[T]he film is meticulously researched and thoughtfully balanced....It's a biopic with sass and edge..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "Sarsgaard is characteristically riveting...and every character, however passing, is casually exquisite and exquisitely cast." Entertainment Weekly "[A] scrappy, funny, hot-to-trot biopic....Liam Neeson digs into his best role in years as Kinsey....It's a monumental performance." Rolling Stone "Condon has a real knack for making biopics breathe....He also has an eye for witty detail." Sight and Sound "[T]his is a brave and intelligent which most directors wouldn't have dared attempt." Uncut "Incisive, gripping, and unpreachy, the film will continue to arouse discussion regarding the morality of Kinsey's methods..." Film Comment0.2009867

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