phillip-noyce,Catch a Fire [DVD] [2006] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Clear and Present Danger [DVD] [Collector's Edition], Patriot Games [DVD] [Collector's Edition - Sensormatic]
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"[M]orally complex....Director Phillip Noyce embraces the tale with gusto, lighting up a picture that is as much a taut action saga as it is a cautionary history lesson." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly "Timely in theme. FIRE still resonates today: It seems only the regions of the world and the names in the headlines have changed."Box Office "[A] well-made film with a strong social consciousness....The film benefits from superb performances all around."Movieline's Hollywood Life 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he real heat is stoked by ANTWONE FISHER star Derek Luke, channelling muted rage and pathos with surprising power."Total Film "The difficulty and continued importance of the process of truth and reconciliation in South Africa is CATCH A FIRE's real moral imperative..."Sight and Sound 3 stars out of 5 -- "The brutal interrogation scenes are heatedly topical..."Uncut 3 stars out of 5 -- "This is an intriguing and often moving tale that looks at how a country's own oppressive regime can unwittingly inspire homegrown terrorists....A thrilling real life tale..."Ultimate DVD61.01443

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"Harrison Ford is in peak form in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER....A gripping blend of suspense and surprising humor..." Rolling Stone ",[A] fast, gripping spy story with some good tricks up its sleeve....Dialogue that is both colorful and swift..." New York Times "...Heart-stopping action....State-of-the-art 1990s intrigue." -- Rating: A- Entertainment Weekly "...A pleasantly complex story line....Ford is an actor who believes his word to the audience is a bond guaranteeing the best he has to give..." Los Angeles Times60.35162

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"...Sleek....Ford's restrained performance is just right..."New York Times "...Lively..." USA Today "...[Ford is] the rare action star who's witty enough to thrive on good dialogue..." Entertainment Weekly "...The film's frequent action sequences are crisply done, the technology that Clancy is known for is skillfully visualized..." Los Angeles Times "...The high-tech stuff is absorbing. Harrison Ford once again demonstrates what a solid, convincing actor he is..." Chicago Sun-Times60.35162

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