rachael-blake,Sleeping Beauty [DVD] [] [1 disc] [Region 1] [030306935096], Pinprick, The Three Stooges [DVD] [1 disc] [043396398580], Lantana [DVD] [Widescreen] [2002] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]his is a brave, thoughtful, highly accomplished debut that rewards as much as it challenges."Total Film "[A]sly and elusive film....The tone is quiet and the pacing serenely unhurried..."New York Times "Theres an allegorical quality to what Leighs up to here....Emily Browning gives a game performance..."A.V. Club27.86481

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"...The film is graced with forceful performances from a terrific ensemble..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...LANTANA manages to hold complexity and coherence in balance....An astonishingly well acted film..." New York Times "...A very adult picture with adult concerns that lingers in the mind the way so many of this year's Hollywood releases have not..."USA Today "...A hothouse thriller of tangled sexuality....The acting is top-notch, and LaPaglia, who makes the cop's torment palpable, gives the performance of his career..." Rolling Stone "...A web of emotional hope and betrayal, linked by unexpected connections....Subtle, touching..." Chicago Sun-Times "...LANTANA is a celebration of emotional openness and honesty..." Sight and Sound "...Mesmerizing....The movie offers a gratifyingly sophisticated meditation on the vagaries of modern marriage..." Entertainment Weekly "[T]he extraordinary richness of the film, which is set in Sydney and was directed by Ray Lawrence from a script by Andrew Bovnell, lies in its interlocking relationships..."Wall Street Journal0.1993511

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