raoul-ruiz,The Films of Raul Ruiz, Genealogies of a Crime, Time Regained [DVD] [Widescreen] [2001] [Multilingual] [Region 0], Three Crowns Of A Sailor, Shattered Image [DVD] [1999] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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"...[A] delightful, metaphysical comedy....The performances are cool and assured..." New York Times "...Brilliant, bravura....[Deneuve] has taken on one of her most challenging, complex films ever with the intelligence and willingness to reveal vulnerability that are the hallmarks of her performances..."Los Angeles Times42.2474

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"...Ruiz has approached that literarary Godzilla, Marcel Proust's REMEMBERANCE OF THINGS PAST, from the most challenging vantage point possible..."New York Times "...Visually spectacular....Ravishing....TIME REGAINED is a tour de force, gorgeous yet stark..." Sight and Sound "...A poignant and fascinating meditation on the changes brought about by the passage of time. The film ends with scenes of haunting beauty..." Box Office "...Anchored by a faultless, award-winning portrayal by Ahangarani in a most demanding role....[The] film is yet another reason why Iranian cinema is among the most vital and challenging in the world today..." Los Angeles Times "...Impeccably filmed....The eternally glowing Beart and Catherine Deneuve make for lovely pieces de resistance..." Entertainment Weekly42.104

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"[O]ne of the finest films about myth, memory and reverie, and...one of the most haunting, and haunted films ever."Sight and Sound41.86501

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"...It stars a perfectly teamed Anne Parillaud and William Baldwin, and it is a film of shimmering elegance that works smashingly well on an almost surreal visual level..." Los Angeles Times41.86501

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