rene-auberjonois,My Best Friend is a Vampire, The Big Bus, King Lear [DVD] [2001] [English] [Region 0], Brewster McCloud, King Kong [Blu-ray] [] [2008] [1 disc] [Region 1]
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"...It has a novel twist and a great deal of energy and polish....Tab Murphy's offbeat script is greatly abetted by director Jimmy Huston's sprightly direction..." Los Angeles Times30.53724

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"...One of Shakespeare in the Park's most beloved productions..." Entertainment Weekly0.3890177

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"...Often brilliant..." USA Today "[A] madcap, affecting, often captivating, comic fantasy."Uncut "On a more ethereal level, it's an intermittently lyrical, strangely poignant fantasy powered by the beatific, magnetic presence of Cort and Shelley Duvall in an electric debut..."Sight and Sound0.2778698

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"...KING KONG is the screen's ultimate Beauty-and-the-Beast fable, and it endures through the power of innocence that has all but vanished from the screen..." Los Angeles Times "...KING KONG is more than a technical achievement. It is also a curiously touching fable....There is something ageless and primeval about KING KONG that still somehow works..." Chicago Sun-Times "...The grand-daddy of all monster movies..." Total Film "[T]he first Kong has something today's CGI masters are hard-pressed to give their monsters: a soul." Premiere "[I]t's still the quintessential pulp saga, capable of popping eyeballs 70-odd years later without the help of computers." Movieline's Hollywood Life "[The] black-and-white granddaddy of beast-on-the-loose movies....The movie looks improved over earlier video and TV copies, and still packs a wallop..." Entertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 4 -- "What makes KONG unique is its mix of hokum, horror, and peculiar poetry..." Premiere Ranked #3 in Rolling Stone's "Top 25 DVDs Of 2005' -- "[T]he joy is seeing the 1933 original, complete with Max Steiner's classic score and once-censored scenes..." Rolling Stone0.2222958

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