rhett-miller,The Believer [Rhett Miller], Fight Songs, This Bird Has Flown: 40th Anniversary Tribute to Rubber Soul
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Rolling Stone (p.90) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "[F]ull of gracefully rocking arrangements and ace tunes....Miller is a well-read guy who believes in keeping his heart on his sleeve and his songs tidy and focused."Entertainment Weekly (p.100) - "BELIEVER has gorgeous arrangements, melodies, turns of phrase, tailoring, and portraiture." -- Grade: B140.1774

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Rolling Stone (5/27/99, p.63) - 3 1/2 Stars (out of 5) - "...'alt-country' - a tag that the Dallas quartet has outgrown with the eclectic, often genius FIGHT SONGS. Singer and songwriter, Rhett Miller loves a pure, earnest melody, and he has an ear for the revelatory juxtaposition..."Spin (6/99, p.144) - 7 (out of 10) - "...Shuffle rhythms and big-note guitar lend a fading sheen of hick to what is actually a polished slab of melodic pop, full of sad, hooky, vaguely twangy confessionals for entry-level boot-gazers..."Entertainment Weekly (4/30/99, p.97) - "...High-strung students of Brothers Everly and Doobie, Crazy Horse and `Wild Horses,' Tex-Mex and T.Rex, they harness achy-breaky hearts to songs so packed with hooks and wordplay they seem ready to explode..." - Rating: A-0.4324754

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Rolling Stone (No. 988, p.118) - 3.5 out of 5 stars - "...[R]espectful, but irreverent..."0.3013776

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