richard-roxburgh,Van Helsing [DVD] [Widescreen], The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [DVD] [Widescreen]
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"[With a] gleeful, chaotic sense of visual excess."New York Times "The best part is the moodily handsome look of the sets..."USA Today "The movie is like a Greatest Hits compilation; it's assembled like Frankenstein's Monster, from spare parts stitched together and brought to life with electricity, plus lots of computer-generated images."Chicago Sun-Times "The dark, desaturated imagery perfectly complements this vampires and werewolves tale, with lots of cold bluish-gray exteriors and warm firelit interiors." Widescreen Review28.07419

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"..This highly elaborate venture offers some appealing elements..." Variety "...Naseeruddin Shah makes a splendidly bearded Captain Nemo..."Sight and Sound "[W]hat's new is a complex BEING JOHN MALKOVICH-style plot which sees fictional Royston Vasey characters enter our world through a portal and torment their real-life creators.APOCALYPSE still manages plenty of hilarious moments." Uncut0.2037024

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