richard-stanley,Paths of Glory [DVD] [1990] [English] [Region 1], Spartacus [DVD] [Widescreen], Zulu [Blu-ray], Kiss of Death [DVD] [Dual Side], For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records
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"Even though Kubrick made this while still in his 20s, it is arguably his best film..." -- 5 out of 5 Stars Total Film "This is the masterpiece from Humphrey Cobb's novel that put Kubrick on the map."USA Today "[T]he film by which Stanley Kubrick entered the ranks of great directors, never to leave them."Chicago Sun-Times17.91982

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"...Amazing depth-of-field....Terrific performances..." USA Today "...One of the last truly great Roman epics, the Kirk Douglas-starrer boasts a true cast-of-thousands battle..."Total Film "The entire film was an immediate hit with cinemagoers and the majority of critics....Unquestionably it is Douglas' film..."Empire "A truly epic production with massive battles, iconic cinematography, and a legendary cast..."Premiere17.64171

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5 stars out of 5 -- "Superbly scripted and laced with some incredible performances..."Total Film 5 stars out of 5 -- "[T]his is a complex affair well worth another look."Empire17.42343

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"...Cage comes gloriously unglued....Caruso is also ideally cast..." Rolling Stone "...[Cage's] most startling pre-VEGAS performance..." -- Rating: B+ Entertainment Weekly "...A crackling thriller....[Cage] walks away with the picture, thanks to a stunning performance, unlike anything he's done to date..." Variety "...Mr. Caruso has a fine natural abrasiveness....In KISS OF DEATH he becomes a movie star with a vengeance, the kind of movie star he was meant to be..." New York Times "...Compelling....One of the most effective neo-noirs....With a fine piece of work in his hands, Schroeder has brought all his skill to bear on KISS OF DEATH, and it has made all the difference..." Los Angeles Times0.1194799

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Uncut (p.106) - 4 stars out of 5 - "[The label is] providing shelter for all manners of weird wonders and mutant strains of country, rockabilly, punk and bluegrass."0.07965325

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