robert-bernard-altman,The Player [Blu-ray], M*A*S*H [DVD] [Single Disc Version; Widescreen], The Gingerbread Man, Gosford Park [DVD] [2002] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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"...What makes THE PLAYER the best and boldest American comedy in years is Altman's wizardry at leavening anger with cathartic wit..." Rolling Stone Ranked #8 in Entertainment Weekly's "10 Favorite Films of the 90's" - "...Altman's ticklish satire can stand with his timeless work..." Entertainment Weekly "...So entertaining, so flip and so genially irreverent that it seems to announce the return of the great gregarous film maker....The members of the huge cast seem to be having a great night out on the town..." New York Times "...THE PLAYER is a true comeback film for Altman -- a return, after more than 15 years, to the infinitely sly and supple virtuosity that marked his great film of the '70s..." Entertainment Weekly "...An artful stiletto aimed at the bashful heart of Hollywood....An extremely pointed and knowing show-biz dissection..." Los Angeles Times "...THE PLAYER is a smart movie, and a funny one. It is also absolutely of our time..." Chicago Sun-Times "...[The film] includes the greatest tracking shot this side of TOUCH OF EVIL and cameos from everyone: Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Julia Roberts..." Total Film 5 stars out of 5 -- "Altman set about mocking the hypocrisy of the business that had exiled him. In the guise of a black-comic thriller, he exposed the Hollywood malaise. And Hollywood loved him for it."Empire42.38084

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"...[An] inspired, skittish conflict comedy....Subtle, underplayed and poignant..." Total Film "M*A*S*H* is still funny..." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "[I]t still boasts a splendid ensemble...[and] a breezy antiestablishment attitude..."Premiere42.38084

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"...Hypnotic....A Grisham thriller has rarely been this sexy or this much fun..." Rolling Stone "...A neo-noir thriller that unwinds with off-kilter promise..." USA Today "...Altman plays a John Grisham mystery in a seductive new key with THE GINGERBREAD MAN....[The film illustrates] the delicacy of Mr. Altman's brooding, richly atmospheric style..." New York Times "...[Altman] does fine work, both with his camera and with his troupe..." Box Office "...[Altman] proves that age hasn't mellowed his temperament or his talent....[The filmmakers] create a dark, eerie canvas for this tale of spiraling chaos..." Premiere "...THE GINGERBREAD MAN is beautifully photographed....Altman had a fine time composing difficult shots..." Los Angeles Times "...Grisham has a sure sense of time and place, and Altman and his actors invest the material with a kind of lurid sincerity..." Chicago Sun-Times42.38084

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"...Effective ensemble movies depend on choosing the perfect actors, and GOSFORD PARK has perhaps the most dazzling cast that Altman has ever assembled..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...What makes the achievement of GOSFORD PARK all the more remarkable is that Mr. Altman is 76....The energy that crackles from the screen suggests the clear-sighted joie de vivre of an artist still deeply engaged in the world..."New York Times "...This comedy of manners is so much fun that it wouldn't even need the mystery to be one of the year's top entertainments..." USA Today "...Elegant....Nuanced and intricate....The cast, of course, delivers the good, with outstanding performances coming from Emily Watson and Helen Mirren..." Box Office "...GOSFORD PARK abounds in scenes to savor. It's a feast, and one of Altman's best..." Rolling Stone "...Elegantly topsy-turvy....It's full of moments to savor....Altman has a spry mastery that's inspiring. The acting, down to the smallest role, is superb..."Entertainment Weekly "...A supple slice of entertainment, with some classy acting contributions..." Total Film "...Taking advantage of a splendid cast, a sharply focused script and the fresh English setting, GOSFORD park emerges as one of the most satisfying of Robert Altman's numerous ensemble pictures..." Variety "...A revelation....This is a quintessentially British movie, but one which only an outsider with Altman's energy could have made..." Sight and Sound "...The screenplay is masterful in introducing all the characters and gradually making it clear who they are, what they've done, and what it means....One of the best films of 2001..." Chicago Sun-Times42.38084

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