rosie-perez,The Spike Lee Joint Collection, Untamed Heart [DVD] [Spa Cash], Somebody to Love [DVD] [1997] [English] [Region 1], White Men Can't Jump [DVD] [Sensormatic], In Living Color - Season 2
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"...Sweet and sexy....It's Tomei and Perez who give UNTAMED HEART its buoyant wit..." Rolling Stone "...Marisa Tomei is as unforgettable in UNTAMED HEART as she was as Joe Pesci's no-nonsense girlfriend in MY COUSIN VINNY..." USA Today "...Appealing lead performances....Tomei establishes her dramatic credentials here, projecting a very believable girl-next-door quality..." Variety "...With her flashing dark eyes and libidinous overbite, Tomei is adorable....She gazes at Slater with such ardor and delight that he's transformed, and so is the audience..." Entertainment Weekly "...The movie is sweet and kind of goofy, and works because its heart is in the right place....[Tomei] is winning and warm..." Chicago Sun-Times32.49648

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"...It has style. The writing is quirky and amused with itself, and Perez throws herself in to the role as if the world depended on it..." Chicago Sun-Times32.49648

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"...Snipes and Harrelson are natural athletes as well as actors, and their raunchy by-play has a muscular poetry..." Rolling Stone "...Uncommonly sweet....Snipes gives a funny, knowing performance with a lot of physical verve..." New York Times "...Snipes, it's clear, is going to be a very big star. Fiercely magnetic, with the insinuating velvet sexiness of a matinee idol....He also has an actor's awareness..." Entertainment Weekly "...A sassy and profane urban fairy tale that finds laughs in some very clever places..."Los Angeles Times "...Here is a comedy of great high spirits, with an undercurrent of sadness and sweetness..." Chicago Sun-Times28.43442

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"Shocking and subversive..." Entertainment Weekly0.2457277

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