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"...Because it is so careful with its effects, this film's ability to create feeling sneaks up and surprises....This is a story with a will to move us and the ability to do whatever it takes to make that happen..."Los Angeles Times "...There's inventiveness, intelligence, even brilliance here..."Total Film "...ROAD TO PERDITION has the juice to get its hooks into you, knock you off balance and keep you that way for two hours. It's a triumph for director Sam Mendes..."Rolling Stone "...[Law] helps bring this dark, strange, and ultimately moving film into disturbing places of the sort that most studio movies can't even imagine, let alone depict..."Premiere "...Beautifully made, well-acted, brilliantly photographed..."Chicago Sun-Times "...Hanks and Newman are radiant with the blessings of unstopped talent, two greats from two generations who each understand the power of underplaying..."Entertainment Weekly "...A truly majestic visual poem....Mr. Hanks does a powerful job..."New York Times 3 stars out of 5 -- "[The film] pulls off the nifty trick of being both impressively epic and movingly intimate."Empire37.90258

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3 stars out of 5 -- "[B]lunt and intimate....The jolt of JARHEAD is undeniable, and it comes when you least expect it." Rolling Stone "[A]n eye-opening experience....[Mendes] forges, perhaps, a new kind of drama: a portrait of war stripped of all glamour and design....JARHEAD is an existential docudrama: cool and funny, vivid and remote at the same time." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "The result is rewarding....It's good to see Mendes expanding as a filmmaker."USA Today "[Q]uizzical, visually striking....JARHEAD provides some kind of reportage of a war whose consequences we haven't yet begun to understand..." Sight and Sound "[A]n exceptionally smart war movie, the more so for the relative absence of any war." Uncut 3 stars out of 5 -- "It's an image of war that lingers, a vision of Hell which Dante would recognise..." Total Film37.55576

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"LAST NIGHT is on to something fascinating....Knightley and Worthington create a fragile, touching chemistry." -- Grade: B+Entertainment Weekly "Dialogue, for the most part, is sharp and smart, while an improvised feel to group scenes brings both energy and credibility."Sight and Sound18.72535

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