sandino-moreno,Maria Full of Grace [DVD] [2004] [Multilingual] [Region 1], For Greater Glory [DVD], Love in the Time of Cholera, Magic Magic
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"[E]xtraordinary....[The film] unfolds with a simplicity that's as breathtaking as its inevitability is harrowing." Entertainment Weekly "Remember the name Catalina Sandino Moreno. The heartfelt and harrowing performance she gives here should put her in line for a heap of year-end awards." Rolling Stone "The movie is every bit as gripping and suspenseful as many far more expensive Hollywood thrillers." Movieline's Hollywood Life "Sandino Moreno may be in only her early 20s, but she is able to draw upon her considerable talent and training to create a portrayal that comes from deep within. She has a radiant screen presence..."Los Angeles Times "A human drama of great power..."Chicago Sun-Times "[A] well-crafted, finely acted tale....Moreno's exceptional performance maintains the mix of belligerence and naivete that makes Maria such a contradictory and compelling protagonist." Sight and Sound "[Moreno] bolts the movie down with an earthy, spontaneous performance." Uncut Ranked #24 in Uncut's Best Films Of 2005 -- "[I]ts multi-stranded, all-encompassing narrative evokes memories of Steven Soderbergh's TRAFFIC." Uncut "Mr. Marston is a natural dramatist, and, better still, an adventurous one."Wall Street Journal30.7122

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"[T]he most expensive film ever made in Mexico, an ambitious production with a cast filled with stars....It is well-made..."Chicago Sun-Times "[T]he film is most effective in its quieter moments, such as the scenes in which Calles warily negotiates with the American ambassador..."Hollywood Reporter30.02016

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"Bringing to mind urbanoia flicks and psychosexual dramas...theres 45 minutes where it sings loud and strange."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "Temple gives a raw performance as the girl with the unravelling psyche, and there are echoes of early Polanski..."Empire14.33999

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