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"BEE SEASON shows a fondness for photographing things that shimmer -- letters in the air, crystals. The movie works earnestly to transform unfamiliar concepts of philosophy..." -- Grade: B- Entertainment Weekly "Directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel are elegant filmmakers who construct an intricate narrative without sacrificing emotional intensity." Movieline's Hollywood Life "BEE SEASON is worthy of both attention and affection....It's a genuinely felt, finely made movie..." New York Times "[The directors] handle this delicate, intense and intricate story of family disintegration and spiritual meltdown with enviable dexterity and emotional acuity." Sight and Sound "[A] complex story of family turmoil and the search for spiritual meaning....Based on the captivating novel by Myla Goldberg, BEE SEASON is evocative and superbly acted."USA Today48.32351

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3 stars out of 5 -- "Gordon-Levitt adds another memorable character to his growing gallery of exquisite performances and Collins is a perfect match."Box Office "UNCERTAINTY is a taut, skillful exercise in cinematic clockwork..."New York Times "Style is the story in this high-concept tale....Both boroughs look great." -- Grade: B+Entertainment Weekly34.498

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