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"This found-footage tale of astronauts searching for signs of life near Jupiter is a reasonably plausible and impressively controlled achievement."Variety "[I]ts great strength is how striking it is visually and the stratagems it employs to make itself memorable."Los Angeles Times "A lot of resourceful and thoughtful work has gone into this film..."Wall Street Journal "Cordero has meticulously shaped a number of sci-fi clichs -- from the botched spacewalk to the communications breakdown -- into a wondering contemplation of our place in the universe."New York Times 3 stars out of 4 -- "The beauty of Ecuadorian director Sebastian Cordero's film is the simplicity of its approach." "The spirit of Kubrick looms large herenot just in the basic plot architecture, but also in the eerie stillness of the compositions, the balletic motion of model machinery, and the majestic swell of Bear McCrearys score."A.V. Club "[T]he heart of the story is in the interiors, and Cordero uses split-screen techniques and skillful editing to sustain energy."Hollywood Reporter0.7011883

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