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Vibe (p.191) - 3 discs out of 5 - "Silkk maintains the gangsta rap status quo....Flavoured with his syllable-squeezing, rapid-fire delivery..."76.41354

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The Source (12/97, p.182) - 3.5 Mics (out of 5) - " that allows this New Orleans rap ninja to deliver heart felt sentiments rarely heard in this hip-hop game. Backed by the mighty No Limit familia, the Desert Storm vet bounces back with a smokin' sophomore joint so hot it's bout it, bout it, bout it..."Rap Pages (1/98, p.98) - Excellent - "UNPREDICTABLE kicks off with a 'Pac-inspired street military of killing illusionary enemies on an even more imaginary battlefield..."0.4964899

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Rolling Stone (6/10/99, p.120) - out of 5 - Good - "...Snoop's finest work since his debut album...full of seductive party jams that will keep heads bobbing through the summer. Snoop has returned to West Coast G-funk with the help of some old Dr. Dre and DJ Quik..."The Source (2/00, p.95) - Included in The Source's "Top 10 Albums of the Year [1999]."NME (Magazine) (5/29/99, p.37) - 8 out of 10 - "...the silken, sumptuous flow of yore is back, threading deluxe soul and full-bodied grooves....the cool drawl of Snoop...captivates, unveiling tales of love, thuggery, surviving and succeeding in the wild west....a certifiable return to form..."0.3474705

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Vibe (2/02, p.121) - 3 discs out of 5 - "...P delivers two of his specialties - a proud homage to his 'hood and a haunting eulogy...While [his] rhyme schemes haven't changed much, he has improved his musical backdrops significantly..."0.3275983

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