skys-beyond,Sky's Beyond, Beyond Time: Compilation 1, Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights *
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Alternative Press (4/00, p.102) - 4 out of 5 - "...jokes without punchlines, beats without meters, notes without staffs, developments without points of closure....with this album [they've] become so good at provoking questions, that answers...well, they simply aren't the 'point'."Magnet (4-5/00, p.92) - "...Listening to [this LP] is a bit like trying to piece together the events of a violent space battle based upon the wreckage left in its wake....Music has been blown apart and shattered into countless pieces here, almost beyond recognition..."The Wire (3/00, p.58) - "...Oddly engaging, generating a bizarre internal logic from unlikely sources..."CMJ (1/24/00, pp.25-6) - "...noodly, experimental [and] warmly listenable...showing evidence of both heavy improv and ample tape manipulation....a testament to abstract minimalism that manages to give a few subtle nods to standard songwriting..."NME (Magazine) (2/14/00, p.43) - 7 out of 10 - "...luxuriates in the boundless possibilities of chaos theory....breaking right through...the boundaries of music. And subsequently, sometimes avoids making music at all....This is so far out [it's] panoramic."0.2513494

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