sofia-coppola,Lost in Translation [DVD] [Widescreen], The Godfather Part III [DVD]
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"...What's astonishing about Sofia Coppola's enthralling new movie is the precision, maturity and originality with which the confident young writer-director communicates so clearly in a cinematic language all her own..." Entertainment Weekly "...One of the purest and simplest examples ever of a director falling in love with her star's gifts. And never has a director found a figure more deserving of her admiration than Bill Murray..."New York Times "...The joys of Sofia Coppola's LOST IN TRANSLATION come from watching Murray modify his trademark passive-aggressive style into played-straight comic bewilderment....This is a career worth watching and a movie worth watching, too..." USA Today "...The film itself -- tart and sweet, unmistakably funny and exceptionally well observed -- marks the arrival of 32-year-old writer-director Sofia Coppola as a mature talent with a distinctive sensibility and the means to express it..." Los Angeles Times "...Sweet and sad at the same time it is sardonic and funny....Bill Murray has never been better..." Chicago Sun-Times "...Altogether remarkable....LOST IN TRANSLATION is found gold..." Rolling Stone "It's packed with incident....It's all in Murray's face....It's a magnificent performance that doesn't seem like acting at all..." Uncut63.96157

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"...A good entertainment bet worthy of any moviegoer's shell-out..." USA Today "...Valid and deeply moving....More frankly, mournfully operatic than its predecessors..." New York Times0.3066897

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