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Alternative Press (9/94, p.85) - "...Trying hard to please the ampitheater crowd as well as the college set, Sponge soaks up the influences on both "big rock" dynamics and alternative music emotions..."0.9773483

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Alternative Press (3/96, p.53) - "...this release...tells the story of a cross-pollination of scenes in Chicago;...it reaffirms an ideal: that there's still more to be done with electric guitars....Far from creating some sort of derivative referential collage, it's as if U.S. Maple were a huge sponge, and LONG HAIR IN STAGES was the sound of it being wrung out..."0.7356783

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Entertainment Weekly (9/15/95) - "...blast Hammond-organ-dominated rave-ups, striving to evoke old Stones....Energetic, sincere....featuring slide guitars and hummable tunes..." - Rating: BQ (2/96, p.65) - Included in Q's 50 Best Albums of 1995 - "...a transparent love of prime-phase Rolling Stones, and a distinct air of freshly discovered confidence..."Melody Maker (12/23-30/95, pp.66-67) - Ranked #15 on Melody Maker's list of 1995's `Albums Of The Year.'Melody Maker (8/26/95, p.39) - "...sees The Charlatans...blossom into a group who marry melody and melancholy like the lightest sponge batter....Every second is crammed to bursting without appearing cluttered..."Musician (11/95, pp.85-86) - "...the songs here sound as though they grew out of late-night jam sessions, after which the Charlatans' pop sensibilities kicked in. They've taken all the best bits and crafted them into vibe-y, hook-filled songs, teeming with white-boy soul..."NME (Magazine) (12/23-30/95, pp.22-23) - Ranked #18 in NME's `Top 50 Albums Of The Year' for 1995.NME (Magazine) (8/26/95, p.47) - 6 (out of 10) - "...Along with the by now blatant itchy-fingerin' around their satanic majesties' throne...each track oozes with finely-honed echoes of a semi-mythical rock'n'roll golden age....The Charlatans have grown into seasoned pop tea-leaves, absorbing the sensibility wholesale, while leaving the incriminating specifics alone..."0.6321371

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