steve-kloves,Flesh and Bone, Wonder Boys [DVD] [Sensormatic]
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"...Gripping....[Quaid and Ryan] convey the full weight of the story..."New York Times "...Arresting images and moments....[The] film is impeccably made in every respect..."Variety "A spare, lyrical, and haunting Texas story..."Premiere41.43903

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"...Witty and sophisticated....A gratifying entertainment of leisurely elegance and delicious nastiness..." Variety "Michael Douglas digs deep and delivers one of the best performances in WONDER BOYS--a comic dazzler of roguish wit and touching gravity..." Rolling Stone Ranked #8 in Entertainment Weekly's "Lisa Schwarzbaum's BEST MOVIES OF 2000" Entertainment Weekly "...WONDER BOYS is an intelligent movie about real people. It has serious points to make but makes them in a witty and engaging way. What more could you ask?..." -- 4 out of 5 stars Box Office "...The film's Pittsburgh settings gleam like an eccentric urban fantasy. Hanson has also orchestrated uniformly excellent performances from his cast..." Los Angeles Times "...The movie is an unsprung screwball comedy, slowed down to real-life speed....This is a funny and touching story..." Chicago Sun-Times 3 stars out of 5 -- "Tobey Maguire shakes it up as the erratic student....A lot of smart dialogue is delivered by pros..."Empire0.3363904

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