sunshine-the-emotions,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [DVD] [Widescreen], More Songs by Ricky/Rick Is 21, The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3: 1972-1975 [Box], Legacy [Capitol] [Box]
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"Gondry and the pitch-perfect actors have crafted a remarkable film that can coax a smile about making the same mistakes in love and then sneak up and quietly break your heart." Rolling Stone "[A] masterpiece....Kate Winslet is truly remarkable....The supporting cast is brilliant..." Premiere "[Gondry] can define contradictory emotions with extraordinary clarity and alacrity. It's why he's so suited to handling much of this particular Kaufman script."New York Times "ETERNAL SUNSHINE is more than anything else deeply sincere."Los Angeles Times "Watching ETERNAL SUNSHINE, you don't just watch a love story - you fall in love with what love really is." Entertainment Weekly "ETERNAL SUNSHINE has an emotional center, and that's what makes it work."Chicago Sun-Times "Going to the movies would be an eternally wondrous experience if more movies were as smart, ambitious, offbeat and emotionally rich as ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND."USA Today "There's a tenderness and a wistfulness to Kaufman's writing and Carrey's performance..." Box Office "It's another screenwriting triumph for the prodigiously gifted Charlie Kaufman, directed with visionary panache by Michel Gondry." Uncut 5 stars out of 5 -- "ETERNAL SUNSHINE is a profound and heart-clenching romantic fantasy....This is a film to own and cherish forever."Ultimate DVD28.5852

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Rolling Stone (12/29/94-1/12/95, p.188) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...By this point, Stax had for the most part stopped trying to chase trends and instead concentrated on its strengths: down-home, funky and gritty urban blues..."Entertainment Weekly (1/13/95, p.61) - "...if you've got an itch for soul that you thought could never be adequately scratched, [THE COMPLETE STAX/VOLT SOUL SINGLES, VOLUME 3: 1972-1975] might just do the trick..."- Rating: A-0.07153098

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Entertainment Weekly (1/12/01, p.83) - "...The most significant boxed set of the year....LEGACY should secure Nelson's place in the pantheon of great '50s rockers..." - Rating: ANo Depression (3-4/01, pp.105-6) - "...An in depth look at Nelson from teen idol to country rock pioneer to rockabilly revivalist..."0.06434536

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