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Spin (p.104) - "QUO tosses the Fall, Swell Maps, Stonehenge Zeppelin folk, and songs of humpback whales into the mix..."The Wire (p.60) - "[W]ith song styles that run the gamut of breakneck hardcore, sea shanties and even moonfaced doo-wop, all rendered with that classic 'edge of the world' feel..."0.5489939

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Alternative Press (12/95, p.99) - "...Pushing amp buzz and tape hiss to the fore, [they] shamble through six cuts of ancient folk...Barrettesque whimsy...[and] shamrackle Swell Maps-like punk....There's no reason why Strapping Fieldhands shouldn't rise to the critics'-darling-status achieved by Guided By Voices."Option (3-4/96, p.125) - "...Strapping Fieldhands play retarded little numbers with clumsy guitar, homemade percussion, and more imagination than you can scrape from the last three Royal Trux records..."0.4391952

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Rolling Stone (9/2/93, p.64) - 3.5 Stars (out of 5) - "...Imagine a world in which Sonic Youth aren't smug, the Fall don't think they're literary, Tommy James has had it with playing to the kiddies and Iggy Pop hits all the notes. Now imagine they're all one band. That band is Pavement..."Spin (6/93, p.81) - Highly Recommended - "...there's gold in this here murk....a record all connoisseurs of clamor will cherish....You could argue that this noise-for-noise's-sake approach is going nowhere, but it's going there in terrific style..."Q (4/93, p.101) - 3 Stars (out of 5) - "...currently the hippest American indie rock band....they sometimes sound like The Fall, the Velvets and Swell Maps coupled with a rhythmic feel that recalls '60s psychedelic `jug' exciting alternative to grunge..."NME (Magazine) (3/20/93, p.34) - 6 (out of 10) - " call the majority of this material abstract is a bit like saying Dali knocked out some odd little sketches from time to time....You could never accuse Pavement of not being interesting..."0.3293964

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Record Collector (magazine) (p.103) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "In essence, it feels like rather a good radio show put together by someone with impeccable, if idiosyncratic, taste."0.1654871

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