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Spin (p.104) - "QUO tosses the Fall, Swell Maps, Stonehenge Zeppelin folk, and songs of humpback whales into the mix..."The Wire (p.60) - "[W]ith song styles that run the gamut of breakneck hardcore, sea shanties and even moonfaced doo-wop, all rendered with that classic 'edge of the world' feel..."0.5489939

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Alternative Press (12/95, p.99) - "...Pushing amp buzz and tape hiss to the fore, [they] shamble through six cuts of ancient folk...Barrettesque whimsy...[and] shamrackle Swell Maps-like punk....There's no reason why Strapping Fieldhands shouldn't rise to the critics'-darling-status achieved by Guided By Voices."Option (3-4/96, p.125) - "...Strapping Fieldhands play retarded little numbers with clumsy guitar, homemade percussion, and more imagination than you can scrape from the last three Royal Trux records..."0.4391952

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Record Collector (magazine) (p.103) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "In essence, it feels like rather a good radio show put together by someone with impeccable, if idiosyncratic, taste."0.1654871

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 Page of 1