taylor-kitsch,John Carter [DVD], Friday Night Lights - The Third Season [2009] [4 discs]
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"John Carter is played by Taylor Kitsch....As an actor, he is perfectly serviceable as a sword-wielding, rhino-riding savior of planets."Chicago Sun-Times "[C]olorful and kind of fun....The Pixar touch is evident in the precision of the visual detail and in the wit and energy of Michael Giacchinos score..."New York Times "[S]pirit counts for something too...and JOHN CARTER has plenty of that, in addition to the requisite dashes of wit.....[The film] does capture the wistfulness of Burroughss original story..."Movieline "[A] rather charming pastiche....The film will likely delight sci-fi geeks most of all, but there's enough here for general Disney audiences as well..."Hollywood Reporter "[I]t's built on something rare: wonder instead of Hollywood cynicism."Rolling Stone 3 stars out of 5 -- "Kitsch proves a handsome, forceful hero, while Collins is a refreshingly dynamic heroine."Total Film25.68892

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4 stars out of 5 -- "Taylor Kitsch is rock solid and Kyle Chandler excels as the coach."Total Film0.7120407

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