ted-demme,Life [DVD] [Special Edition], Monument Ave., The Silence of the Lambs [DVD Boxset] [Collector's Edition; 2-Disc Set; Lenticular Faceplate]
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"...[The stars'] rapport is the very soul of LIFE....It may be Lawrence's [best film]..." Entertainment Weekly "...Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Murphy are an entertaining team..." New York Times "...LIFE is a well-written, beautifully cast and very funny buddy movie that perfectly matches the talents of its two leads..." Box Office "...The movie is ribald, funny and sometimes sweet, and well acted by Murphy, Lawrence and a strong supporting cast..." Chicago Sun-Times59.09819

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"...Crudup burns hot as a coked-up ex-con..." Entertainment Weekly "...[The scenes] capture embattled, despairing camaraderie with a force and naturalness that match anything you'll find in a film by Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino....The dialogue and ensemble acting maintain a near-perfect pitch..." New York Times "...Compelling....Leary fulfills the promise he's been revealing in bits and pieces all along..." Los Angeles Times59.09819

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"...Superbly crafted....THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS slams you like a sudden blast of bone-chilling, pulse-pounding terror..." Rolling Stone "...A sombre masterpiece....The film creates a world drained of light, counterpointed by a sinister and unsettling score..." Sight and Sound "...[A] superbly crafted, unsettling movie....Demme pumps up the tension to a deafening din..." -- 4 out of 4 stars USA Today "LAMBS remains a great film. A groundbreaking film." -- Grade: A Entertainment Weekly "...Hopkins' performance may be the film's bravura showpiece, but Foster's goes the whole distance, steadfast, controlled, heartbreakingly insightful, a fine addition to her gallery of characterizations..." Los Angeles Times "Hopkins's portrayal of the world's most urbane serial killer is a wonder of both actorly invention and villainous instinct." Premiere 4 stars out of 5 -- "[S]till the definitive upmarket serial killer thriller, achieving the almost unprecedented feat of winning all five major Oscar categories..." Uncut 5 stars out of 5 -- "[A] rare horror that transcends the genre and has arguably become a modern classic."Ultimate DVD21.61428

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