the-lightness-of-being,The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Film Score, Roger Reynolds: Personae; The Vanity of Words; Variation, Out of Exile, Mumtaz Mahal, About a Boy [DVD] [Widescreen]
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Spin (pp.97-98) - "Drummer Brad Wilk drives, bassist Tim Commerford is solely in charge of grooves, and guitarist Tom Morello works hard at being amazing." - Grade: A-Mojo (Publisher) (p.95) - 3 stars out of 5 - "[T]he quartet display a welcome lightness of touch. 'Be Yourself' is a soar-away piece of drivetime empathy..."0.2839757

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Alternative Press (2/97, p.56) - 3 (out of 5) - "...Drawing from classic reggae, Robert Johnson's blues and his own compositions, Mahal sings and plays with authority and enthusiasm..."Down Beat (9/96, p.57) - 4.5 Stars (out of 5) - "...The blend of improvised sounds is colorful, entrancing, exotic, sensual, even poetic....The blues, in accord with Hindustani and Karnatak music, is made miraculously new."JazzTimes (10/95, p.82) - "...a uniquely ethereal folk-blues atmosphere....this music has an infectious lightness of being with a cultural identity that is hard to isolate--which is the underlying message of the meeting. Even overly familiar standard cover tunes...are refreshed and renewed, taken out of their American context..."0.2271805

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"...The script contains an arresting mixture of uproarious, tender, and bitingly abrasive moments....This is a captivating film; superlative writing and acting make it soar..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...A pleasurable experience..." Sight and Sound "...Thanks to the excellently adapted script, we are shown a group of characters with real emotional depth....The Weitzes have directed the film with great ability..." Hollywood Reporter "...[The directors] handle the sentimentality of the story with a light, sweet touch....You succumb to the movie's warmth and bonhomie..." New York Times "...ABOUT A BOY is that rare film that's as clever and moving as the book on which it was based....It's a well-written, witty film whose memorable characters grapple with the nature of family, love, friendship and despair..."USA Today "...[The directors] deliver a punchy, smirking script, laced with irreverence. Just as importantly, there's real chemistry between Grant and his young co-star..."Total Film "...Hugh Grant has grown up, holding on to his lightness and witty cynicism....Grant draws on, and deepens, his enjoyable performance as the seducer boss in Bridget Jones' Diary..." Entertainment Weekly "...Hugh Grant, who has a good line in charm, has never been more charming than in ABOUT A BOY....A comedy of confidence and grace..." Chicago Sun-Times "This is better than feelgood movie, it's a feelgreat movie -- affecting when you least expect it and funny from start to finish."Wall Street Journal0.1174475

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